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23 Best Military Science Fiction Books,,,,

This series is an essential read for all science fiction fans. This classic published in 1864 was one of the pioneers in the genre, along with other fundamental Verne novels that linked the imagination with the scientific knowledge of the time. The main character went from being a fireman burning books to a fugitive from the law who abandons his perfect life "in search of his own happiness.

Published in 1898, this book is one of the pillars in today's science fiction that has been used as a direct influence for countless movies. More than a science fiction story, the work criticizes the excessive intervention of the US government and presents only two kinds of people: looters and non-looters. Each and every one of these books guarantees total immersion in the universe that the authors created for our enjoyment.

Like so many other relevant categories in this life, it is not a binary category, but a spectrum: they refer to it jokingly as the Mohs Scale of Science Fiction Hardness (in honor of the Mohs scale of hardness of minerals). In the first place, we can distinguish, as regards thematic, narrations that focus more on the so-called hard sciences and that follow the legacy of the hard science fiction authors of the golden era: Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Robert A. Heinlein This is a well-known saga, but I think I can not fail to mention The Expanse, by James SA Corey, which begins with The Awakening of the Leviathan and has been translated and edited by Nova in Spanish until the fourth installment, The burning de Cíbola The saga is set in a future in which the Solar System has been colonized and there are political tensions between the inhabitants of the inner planets, those of the asteroid belt and those of the outer planets.

For those looking for a lighter reading, Nova has just published The Luminous Sphere, a short novel by the same author before The Memory of Earth's Past. Only part of his work is translated into Spanish, as his anthology of Axiomatic stories (some stories were reviewed in Quantum Origin) and his novels Permutation City, about best sci fi and fantasy audiobooks a virtual city that exists in its own universe (also reviewed in Quantum Origin) , and the seemingly abstruse The instant Aleph His most recent work is the Orthogonal trilogy, about aliens in a fictional four-dimensional universe. The landscape of indie literature also has high quality hard science fiction to offer us.

In Forbidden Books we have talked about some of them: we have, for example, Caryanna Reuven's Alpha Project, about the relationship between a neuroscientist and an artificial specimen; Central Station, Lavie Tidhar; Rubicon of Juan González Mesa, which chronicles the massive migration of humanity to Mars by the imminent impact of the asteroid Dolmen; the space opera Alma 2718 by Javier Font; and The Eye of God by David Luna Lorenzo and Yabarí de Lola Robles, both about the colonization and exploitation of resources from distant planets. Do you want more reports about science fiction literature? Current Hard Fiction - Forbidden Books
Science fiction was also beginning to gain adherents in other Latin American countries, highlighting the case of Cuba, where the influence of the brilliant Soviet school of science fiction was noted (although, as in the USSR itself, the friction with the "Socialist realism" would lead to some mandatory stoppage of gender production). Names like Jorge Baradit, José Antonio Suárez, Bernardo Fernández «Bef», Miguel Ángel López Muñoz Vladimir Hernández are some of these writers who continue to cultivate the genre now that we are already in what not long ago was the future in which their stories. The Book of Joan is a retelling of the story of Joan of Arc set in a post-apocalyptic future, in which humanity has left Earth to live on a floating platform well above the surface.

The original novel follows Paul Atreides, whose administration of the planet by the family is brought to a violent end, pushing Paul to the center of a conflict that extends from the confines of interstellar society to the ground beneath the sands of Arrakis. With a mix of romantic and science best sci fi fantasy audiobooks fiction themes, Katie Khan's debut novel has been described as Romeo and Juliet knows Gravity. " History continues to revolt from its earliest stages, to its final result and explores a future in which humanity must deal with the ramifications of extending its reach beyond Earth.

The protagonist is a convicted criminal, whose psychological profile makes him the ideal candidate for an agency that sends people to recover valuable resources and treasures from the history of mankind on Earth, in order to prolong the future of the species. Ridley Scott is one of the producers on the project, who has a good history in science fiction, but the studio is likely to wait until he is satisfied with the latest draft before presenting it to the directors and scheduling a release date.

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